Naaahhh is a mysterious project from London. We don’t know much about it. Themes is a new ep that will be out on January 20th via Blackest Ever Black. “Neck Devour” is the first excerpt that shows the rough lines and the stunning tension of the sound. Listen and read the full story below.

Five tracks of darkside slither from somewhere under London. Sidereal downers for all hardcore ravers. The dread energy of grime and bleep techno distilled into pungent electro-acoustic ooze. Paranoid street music meets the cosmic disturbances of musique concrète, the MDMA spine-freeze of isolationism and England’s hidden reverse. Staccato string stabs, murmured voices, black holes of reverb and pulverising, body-numbing bass. Drums optional. Unwanted side-effects include nosebleeds, earaches, stomach cramps, and nausea.