Deseimber is the result of collaboration between Jan Kleefstra (voice, poetry), our favorite artist Anne-Chris Bakker (guitar, effects) and Romke Kleefstra (guitar, effects). It is out now via Manchester-based label Tombed Visions Records. Full streaming is available below.

Guitarists Romke Kleefstra and Anne Chris Bakker summon, through delicate improvisation, huge vistas of chilled sonics and uncannily natural sounds which act as a bed for Jan Kleefstra’s poetry, written and spoken in a dead language called Frisian. Their music is at once revelatory, it hushes you into a transcendental state, allowing you to survey their slow, meditative sculpturing of sound that bristles with the vibrancy of life, your mouth open in awe. Something unknown and ancient is conjured by these three men that could never be replicated by anyone else.