Italian musicians Paolo Spaccamonti (electric guitar, mandocaster, fx) and Ramon Moro (trumpet, flugelhorn, fx) have composed and released the original soundtrack of Fabio Bobbio’s movie “I Coromani“. It features Gup Alcaro (live electronics). Full streaming is available below.

Matteo and Samuele split their days between a river, the woods, and a shopping centre. It’s the age of change, when playing is not satisfactory anymore therefore room is given to boredom and the anxiety to discover something else encloses new life experiences. The fluidity of a summer embraces the leading characters and the territory, following through their inexorable change. The feature film “I Cormorani”, directing debut by Fabio Bobbio, was presented at the Nyon Festival and at the ShorTS Film Festival of Trieste, where it won the Critic’s Award.