The Bronzed Chorus is the Greensboro-duo that involves Adam Joyce (guitar) and
Hunter Allen (percussion). Summering is the new album and it is out now on Doubleplusgood Records. It follows 2009’s debut album and 2011’s Gleaning Ep. We have the pleasure to premiere the official video, directed by Jean-Jacques Martinod, of the track “Hounds of Barrier“. Watch it below and read the director’s words about the video.

What I can say is that we were conscious and wanted to be faithful of the more ethereal element in the Bronzed Chorus aural aesthetic, with the depth of the layering and effervescent explosions. We thought that the black & white would allow us to create a timeless narrative landscape that fit the music while still allowing for the depth of color to arise naturally through the play between certain visual tinctures and the juggle with their musical timbres, which fit perfectly with their composition in Hounds of the Barrier and really represents the way both Adam and Hunter have been developing since their previous EP(Gleaning), now fully fleshed and realized in the totality of Summering.