Another interesting featuring, born after we release My Awesome Bonus Compilation last August. So Russian and delicate folksinger Atariame made for us a selection of the best band heard for this 2016. A new musical world for our readers and listeners, bands from Moscow, St Petersburg or Siberia mainly oriented to play genres like shoe-gaze, disco-punk or pop music, new labels to discover below thanks the accurate description, cover did by made by Andrey Pershin. Well, we’re not so expert in Cyrillic but assure the final result of the playlist is pretty good.

1. ОЗЕРА — ЗВЕЗДЫ. Underground Moscow band that released their debut album this summer. This is quite funny, we still don’t know who they are, because they hide their faces with masks and don’t reveal their personalities.ОЗЕРА from Moscow

2. Мама — В голове ничего. Saint-Petersburg garage band, mostly home-recorded. A new record of a new band made by frontman Kostya Kayo (also look for solo releases). We all remember his band with the name named Otstoy (“Shit” in Russian). One time the band got refused for playing on a festival because the organiser thought the name of the band will look kind of “shitty” on a poster.

3-4. Perfect Human — Boys Like Snakes + Sobranie 8 18 — Swimming Pool . Tracks from darkwave label Perfect Aesthetics. The 2 bands have just released new albums: a psycho thriller by Sobranie with strong crying vocals, and a disco soundtrack by Perfect Human with a killer track Amateurs (check out their Soundcloud).

5. Sewage Sour — Trevoga (live). Moscow band which plays fashionable new-pop music: 2 angelic singers and electronics. Their music sounds even more fascinating in acoustic, that’s why I played their live session.

6. Архитектурный Оркестр Благодетели — На Тропических Пляжах. Saint-Petersburg shoegaze band: catching melodies, hazy vocals, Korg synthesiser and abstract though quite complicated lyrics. The frontman has his label Dogma Rgaza which releases different lo-fi and digital punk albums home recorded by him and his friends.

7. Давыд Бласт — Лидия. This track comes from a compilation of solo works by a frontman Yogo!Yogo! band — an eccentric and lively band which played psycho-dicso music in the 00s and used to travel all over the world to make records.

8. Буерак — Страсть к Курению. Probably the most popular post-punk band among young people right now. They are 2 guys from Novosibirsk (it’s in Siberia, yep). Classic post-punk sound altogether with ironic texts about life of a simple Russian man: the way he likes to smoke cigarettes, drinking soviet cologne or going to chic parties to seem cool among rich people.

9. Flaty — Chelector (feat. Wrong Water). A new release from one of major Russian techno labels Гост Звук. The word Гост in Russian sounds like a “Ghost” in English, a dark phantasy, but actually it is abbreviation for a “Government Standard”. These standards were used in USSR to control all the kinds of products and industries — everything but techno-music.

10. Циркониевый Браслет — Дым над Водой. Melancholic synth-pop music from Tolyatti. The band’s released an album in September with pop tracks about being in love and about a bad feeling of getting sober.