FRICAT  was born in 1982, in 2005 formed in Bologna the project Apes on Tapes and finally in 2014 released his first Ep with the moniker Fricat (Asinum Cum Asinum), out via Sostanze Records. So last 18th of November, official firs full-length is out thanks to the partnership of Fresh Yo!, Voodoo Rebel, Burnow and Washbridge Council. Composed with Wasbridge Philharmonic Orchestra, “Fricatism” is an journey between more influences, an ode for abstract-sounds-jungle, titled with an inspiring and futuristic word. We had also a short chat with the kid, meanwhile listen the album below.


Tell us more how was born the project “Fricatism” and your experience with AOT.

After 10 years of live activity with the Apes on Tapes, I wanted to create something that reached beyond my usual limits. “Fricatism” wants to give a ritualistic taste to dance-floor music and to do so, I went to look for different kinds of traditional music coming from very distant places in time and space.

What kind of relationship do you have with your label?What about dance or electronic-scene in Italy?

The labels I’m working with here in Italy are basically populated by close friends of mine, so the relationship is wonderful. Italy is full of interesting realities. I know a lot of talented artists that produce good tunes. Unfortunately most of the time there’s not enough support to grant a continuity and most of them remain unknown. In any case it’s definitely better than 10 years ago. Internet is helping a lot.

The new “Fricatism” sounds like a carnival of sound: trap, future-beats, hip-hop. How was your feeling during the recording-sessions?

I wanted to feel in a dark carnival, with a lot of plot twists and rituals of joyful bastardization.

We are at the end of the year. Which albums do you choose in this 2016?

This is embarrassing, cus i wasn’t paying any attention during this year in regards of what is been released. It’s totally my fault. I was recording Fricatism and some new works for Apes on Tapes and i didn’t want to be biased, so i didn’t hear anything new.