Two years later Reflected, London-based artist and producer William Arcane has announced the release of a new Ep. Hourglass will be out on November 29th via Trace The Line Recordings. “Settle” is the first excerpt. The track was recorded in just one day, with all the sounds being captured onto an old 1960s reel to reel tape machine before being chopped up. The vocals were recorded directly into the tape’s old microphone, whilst playing with the tape spools when played back to get some weird pitch modulations. On the process, William explains:

 “It was one of those brilliant moments where the creative energy was just flowing and everything came together really quickly. I was also reminiscing about an argument I had with a partner and that was left unresolved at the time so the lyrics came very quickly as well as I was just spilling out my subconscious thoughts onto tape.”