A few months later Hope (Gizeh Records), Brave Timbers (the project led by multi-instrumentalist Sarah Kemp with Andrew Scrogham) returned with a new album. Secret Hopes is a collection of exclusive new tracks in conjunction with reworked versions of tracks from “Hope” album. The new tracks were recorded during the Hope sessions, a really creatively intense and productive period for Brave Timbers, and were intended for this album but missed the cut late in the day. The reworked tracks came as a result of following an invitation from national Australian Radio ABC to do a couple of session tracks for a radio show. This invitation gave the duo the impetus to look again at a number of tracks trying something quite different, so they not only recorded two tracks for this radio session but finally reworked about half of the tracks of Hope album which they present on Secret Hopes. It is out now via Sound in Silence. Listen below.