Phidge is a Bologna-based quartet that involves Dodi Germano, Riccardo Fedrigo, Nicola Di Virgilio and Oscar Astorri. Paris is the new album, out via Riff Records. We have the pleasure to premiere the full streaming. Listen below and check our talk with the band after the streaming.

Paris” is the new album, out via Riff Records. What about the idea and his “conception”?

After the completion of the new record’s lyrics, I noticed that Paris was popping up several times, in different and unrelated contexts. The link between those “appearances” was that France’s capital was always evoking sillyness and shallowness. Paris was the archetypical place where people post selfies, where they feel like they’re authorized to behave like idiots. Now that I think about it, this may be reflecting the way a lot of people see Bologna, our hometown, and in which we refuse to see it. Lyrics-wise, Paris is a record made of quick glimpses both to the outside and the inside, of ongoing attempts of self consciousness, of a confrontational relationship with the reality that surrounds us. But, unlike our previous work, this is an expressionist, moving record. Flashes are fast and violent, whereas in We Never Really Came Back the main character mumbled from where he standed and thoughtfully painted evocative landscapes. Soundwise as well, the atmospheres are more thrusting and incursive than in the past.

What about the video of the track “A Couple of Things”, directed by Lorenzo Massa?

A couple of things is a flow of unconsciousness, with images apparently not connected to each other but utterly consistent with the main character’s lack of ease that covers the last inches separating him from the final goal of interior release. We relied on Lorenzo Massa asking him to shoot a video that would not necessarily trace out the lyrics’ subjects into images, but would be able to make the watcher dive into them anyway. He came out with 3 minutes of absolutely perfect madness. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Lately, you shared the stage with Nada Surf. What about it?

The gig with Nada Surf was our best kickoff ever! It has been a real honor to share the stage with them, plus they’re fun and down to earth. Not to mention that despite being just a trio on stage, they deliver an incredibly massive sound. It’s always a pleasure to learn from such masters!

There will be a tour to present the new work?

On the 18th we’ll have the new record’s release party at Beat Cafe in San Salvo, a hearty stage where we’re always superhappy to be back on. We’ll be around quite a while after that, Giulianova, Bolzano, Mantova, and in Bologna with both electric and acoustic shows, but we suggest to keep an eye an our social network profiles ’cause we in the first place do not remember all of them!

What are the best releases you have appreciated this year?

Do we look smug if we tell you that throughout 2016 we’ve only been thrilled by David Bowie’s celestial last will and testament and by the dramatic touch of Nick Cave? We have great expectations from His Clancyness’ new work, but so far we don’t feel like there’s much more that’s really worth mentioning.