Australians in European exile, Aaron Cupples and Benjamin Green’s debut album Rules was a cerebral soundtrack to the best party on the planet. Based between London and Barcelona respectively, CIVIL CIVIC are a soundtrack band, but instead of scoring films, it is the human experience for which they are creating music. We saw them live  and they are “explosion-proof”,  this month they are touring Italy and France. We’re very happy to share with you the new album “The Test” and the interesting chat we had with the guys, enjoy it.

How much are important these first days after a new official album?

Having the album out is a huge relief. It’s exciting that people are finally listening to everything we have been working on for the last 3 years. It’s a wide and deep record, lot’s of layers going on. It will take some time to sink in with the audience I think.

Your fans. Tell us how they support you every day.

Well our fans funded the record with crowd-funding by paying for it up-front before we went in to the studio. So without the fans it would never happen, or at least take a lot longer… Our fans are the main reason we do this, they are a passionate bunch!

All the best influences on your vibes except music..during the recording-time. Describe to us the recording sessions.

Recording spanned over 3 years in many small batches in London, Barcelona and Melbourne. Inspiration comes from so many different places it’s hard to say… The desire to build on what we had established and learn more about our sound is the main one.

Where are you from exactly guys? Could you tell us more about musical-scene in the place you living?

We are from Melbourne, Australia, but we live in London and Barcelona separately. The music scene in Melbourne is really inspiring. Very vibrant and active with many many bands. Everyone seems to have a band there and there’s a lot of pubs/clubs that support live music. There’s shows on every night of the week there, and the bands are often quite original and inventive with lot’s of attitude. Good stuff.

There’a a kind of love between Civil Civic and italian fans or what? Isn’t it?

So much love! Maybe it’s because CIVIL CIVIC is like a roman numeral? haha. We love coming to Italy, even without fans we would come for the food hahaha. So it’s great that Italian’s are digging our sound. We will keep coming back.


Check next tour dates:

11.11 IT Perugia – Urban Club

12.11 IT Roma – Monk w/ Gold Panda

13.11 IT Piazzola sul Brenta – Schokando Festival

15.11 FR Lyon – Le Sonic

18.11 FR Metz – Musiques Volantes

19.11 FR La Roche sur Yon – Fuzz Yon