Two years later Oh, Annihilator, Asheville-based singer-songwriter Wes Tirey  returns with a new full-length album. Black Wind will be out on November 18th via Tulsa-based label Scissor Tail Records. “All the Livelong Day” (featuring backing vocals from Kath Bloom) and  “Wonder as I Wander” are the two first excerpts. Listen below.

On Black Wind, songwriter/guitarist Wes Tirey makes the case for quality over quantity. After a stream of well-received cassettes, Tirey assembled a reserved trio and laid down the soft law on a single night in September. Whereas his previous releases were turned inward, Black Wind opens out like Malick meditating on prairie grass. The words and imagery are stark, broad strokes while the arrangements are spacious, simple structures of Tirey’s voice and acoustic guitar, with sparse backing from a telecaster and a trap kit. Opener “All the Livelong Day” comes on like Karen Dalton dressed-down to parched bone, window-lit dust and old chairs, while the final and title track flutters in bursts, unfurling heavy-lidded at daybreak