We introduced different times RY X (The Acid), the moniker of Australian singer-songwriter Ry Cuming. He shared a new video for “Howling“, track part of debut album Dawn (out now via Infectious). Ry’s words about the video and the song: “It was a deep hope to bring the same sense of sensuality and raw heartedness to the video that was surrounding my life when I created this song.

Howling is based around the emotional connection and impact of past lovers into the present space. About the way we hold onto their energy and carry it, and them, with us, into new relationships, and into our lives even as we grow.

 I collaborated with dear friends on this piece with artist Elena Stonaker creating visual worlds, choreographer Nina McNeely for dance, and the three lead women in this are dear friends of mine. That way the intimacy and connection was real. Ever present.”  Watch it below.