Weaves is the project that involves  Jasmyn Burke Morgan Waters Spencer Cole Zach Bines. Self-titled debut album is out now on Kanine in the US, Buzz Records in Canada and Memphis Industries in the rest of the World. They shared a new video, directed by Trevor Blumas, for the track “Shithole“.

“We shot this video on a hot summer day with no AC in the Coffin Factory Lofts in Toronto. Sweaty and intimate,” says Burke. “Visually it depicts the build up and break down of myself through the different looks. I wrote the song when I was living in a shitty place and was feeling kind of down, but the mysterious thing is I have no recollection of writing it. I found it on my computer one day and had thought I must have sent it to Morgan but I hadn’t. So we essentially did the demo the day after I re-discovered the track and were playing it live soon after.”