Berlin-based Australian singer-songwriter and producer Jackson Dyer returns with a new EP. Compartments is out now. His words about the ep: “Compartments’ is an EP of self-­reflection that I wrote at a time when I faced a lot of uncertainty and questions about my place in the world. Far away from home, often spending long hours in my studio on the industrial outskirts of Berlin, it was a period of introspection when I experimented with production and songwriting. In this space, I wrestled with many of my misgivings about the music industry, the nature of humanity and my own personal motivations. The title ‘Compartments’ refers to the lyrics in ‘Pariahs’, which is about how close many people live to each other in cities and apartment blocks, but still lead very enclosed lives, unwilling to engage with even their neighbours. Ironically, I spent a long time in my own ‘Compartment’ writing these songs and it wasn’t until I collaborated with others that they really came alive.” Full streaming is available below.