A 35-years history band, New Model Army is an English band formed in Bradford in 1980 by led singer Justin Sullivan, bassist Stuart Morrow and drummer Phil Tompkins. Nowadays, Sullivan is the only original band member.

We’ve been labelled as punks, post-punks, Goth, metal, folk – the lot, but we’ve always been beyond those style confines

The last full-lenght album “Between Dog and Wolf” was released in 2013. The new album Winter was released the 26th of August 2016, by Attack Attack Records in the UK, and by EarMUSIC worldwide. Winter is their 13th studio album and is made up of 13 tracks. This album is a circle. No one track is random, no one track gets away from the album. An album characterized by deep, dark and melancholic sounds.

Between Dog and Wolf marked the beginning of a new musical moment for the band but the new album is harder, less experimental, with more solid sound and darker than the previous one.

The album starts with a powerful song called  “Beginning” marked out by strong guitar  with a piano in the background. “Burn the Castle“is another energic track. A first powerful and overwhelming wall of sound.

A first stop with the album is the title track, a starting-acoustic track that describes icy hearts and burned sins followed by “Part the Waters“, the fourth track that is another starting-acoustic track with an energetic final that bring the listener to the next step.

Born Ferial” is one of the longest tracks of the album and one of the most beautiful. It’s the one that gives a boost to the album. Six minutes with a powerful sound of percussion in a crescendo that takes you high and then let you fall into the following track “Die Trying”: an acoustic ballad, one of the most intense meaningful tracks. Another one to be carefully considered is “Echo November”. A song on the echoes and ghosts of your own soul.

The last track of the album is another acoustic track “After something” that closes the circle. The winter circle. This is a very solid and concrete work by the English band.

Since 1985, New Model Army crossed different musical eras and their sounds  have changed. They are one of the bands that have withstood the coming of pop music and with the album Between Dog and Wolf, a new direction was taken and the 2016-work keeps on in that direction but it also represent also a powerful return to the punk origins.