Sonic Avenues are a Montreal-based band. They were formed by vocalist and guitarist Max Desharnais, Jamie Desjardins, drummer JC Niquet and guitarist Seb Godin.They are a band in constant evolution, they are unable to stand still.

In 2007 their self-titled debut album was released. 5 years later, in 2012, the second album Television Youth was released and Jamie Desjardins left the band, and they recruited bassist Chance Hutchison. Sonic Avenues returned in 2014 with the third album, Mistakes.

In late 2016, the fourth album Disconnector was released. The evolution of this band is impressivee: if you are listening to their first and second album you can feel pure early-punk emotions and you can hear dirty and fast sound. In fact, as they have said, their musical influences come directly from first-generation punk (Buzzcocks, the Real Kids, the Adverts and the Pointed Sticks). The third album Mistakes is similar to the previous works but the sound is cleaner, less dirt with more indie-rock, pop and post punk influences. The third album is more complex and has a more melodic approach.In 2014, someone maybe thought that the band reached a music balance. It was not so.

If the first three works can be considered three chapters of the same story, Disconnector  is not a new chapter, it is another book. Of course, a book by the same author but a different book with a new interesting story to tell.

Disconnector came out in October and the background sound is quite similar to the previous works but has been enriched by pop details with more musical experiments and melodic tracks. As a writer whose keeping his style book by book. These innovations in the sound have been made through the use of drum machines, acoustic guitars and flourish keyboards that with the hard guitars and the fast rhythm-drums create a sound with a well-refined arrangements and dynamic tracks.

A sound change is not always a good sign for a band but Sonic Avenues didn’t lose any of their skills for a strongly flavoured sound. This work is not a first-listen album, it needs repeated and concentrated listens to be interiorized, enjoyed and to catch different hints of it.