Words are important and the Alessandro Camilletti knows how to give worth to them. Two year first full-length, he released a new album titled The Psycho Kinder Tapes, out via Alienated Records and Fonetica Meccanica. It features Ali Savioni (Settore Giada), Giovanni “Leo” Leonardi (Seigfired, Carnera), Miro Snejdr (Death In June), Ludovico Padovan (Wanda Wulz), Michele Caserta (Drama Emperor) and Giorgio Mozzicafreddo.

Macerata-based singer-songwriter seems to continue to explore his sound that doesn’t stop to change his shape but at the same time it’s impressive how it is strong the mark of the global project: increase the value of the words and concepts with accurate built textures, a level of empathy between lyrics, the way he sings (trenchant in “Stato di Violenza“) and music that we can define a modern form of poetry.

The sound is schathing, intense and it goes beyond genre confines. Closing-track “Essere” is the evidence of this path: a suffocating, rough (dark)ambient march, something very different, but connected, to the previous works. “Inviolabili e Sacri“, one of the best track of the album, raises the level of tension with very marked industrial connections. “Oltre il Tempo“and “Psycho Kinder”  show a stronger presence with solid electronic lines.

Same mood, but different way for “Viaggio Allucinato“, with fast and fragmented rhythms that reflected the sense of dissonance of the lyrics. “With the Usura” is another example of Pyscho Kinder sensitivity: Ezra Pound registration is “surrounded” by a well-built growing minimal sound. There also two remixes: Carnera and Miro Snejdr rebuilt respectevely “Il Tramonto dell’Evidente” and “Vivo e Invisibile” , increasing the solidity of original sound.

This second album shows again the writing talent of Alessandro Camilletti and his ability to chose valiant collaborators that know how to create a unique way to express the idealization of the message meanings, to create a kind of place where the exploration approach is at the center of the work. The kind of art that we like.