Last year we introduced American singer-songwriter Annie Ellicott. Lonesome Goldmine is her debut album that is out now via Unknown Tone Records. It features Travis Fite (engineer and he recorded an early piano track for Lonesome Goldmine) , Mark Kuykendall and one our favorite artists Orla Wren. Full streaming is available below.

A note from the artist:

I didn’t know what I was doing going into this.
I knew there was beautiful music growing inside me that only
I could hear, and an urge to put it outside where everyone could hear was growing inside, too.

The origin of the music and of this growing impulse to share it was a mystery to me, but I trusted it.

I moved forward in faith that I would be given the knowledge
& resources to continue as I went along, & that is exactly what happened.

Mark Kuykendall became the other half of this album. He has been a great teacher, showing me the magic in honoring that mystery, listening closely as long as necessary, & protecting its purity by maintaining purity of intention.

Looking back now,
the music seems on one level to be a force of nature all it’s own, a living entity that we simply midwifed into the world. It’s also a collective work of art created from the minds, hearts, hands & generosity of many people.

My intention is to give you a window into your own vast inner world of cryptograms waiting to be decoded, innocence waiting to be recovered, & the endless stillness we are never apart from.