Eomac is the solo project of Irish artist Ian McDonnall, known also for his work with Lakker (recently they released Struggle & Emerge). A few months later solo album Bedouin Trax, he is launching his own label Eotrax. He presents this new label with an  an 11-minute conceptual track, conceived from his recent trip to Teotihuacan near Mexico City, where he explores a narrative and various textures. The goal of ‘Temple of the Jaguar’ is to let us explore the deep voids within ourselves that are suppressed by society, in an attempt to connect the body and mind. Listen to “Skeleton Crew“.

The 2-minute track ‘Skeleton Crew’ came from the same sessions as ‘Temple of the Jaguar’. It uses the same samples and was written at the same time. When I have a set of samples I really like I often write a number of tracks with them. Sometimes I delete the ones I don’t like or use, sometimes I keep them. This track is one of the ones to survive – I’ve played it out a few times. It’s short but it has power and directness“.