Å Asher-Yates is a Minneapolis-based composer. Mothers Garden is the new album that is out now via Shimmering Moods Records. The tracks shows the refined ambient textures between evocation and suggestive dissonances. His words about the album: It’s music for traveling Moving or traveling still… Moving through thoughts or meditation. I made a lot of this music while I was on the road recording some songs in places that were very special to me… I wanted it to sound like I just sat down somewhere in a bed of grass or in a forest or on a mountain and just hit the record button. It’s very personal music that comes from the heart and love and love for nature and traveling. It’s for being on a bus or a train or sitting in a car watching the landscapes …or for just relaxing in a garden”. This album means a lot to me it came to me throughout the years I had been traveling. During the process of writing these songs and traveling I learned so much about my self and found the love of my life who inspired me so much along the journey.  Listen below.