The Last Project is a Pavia-based four-piece band that includes Francesco Quaranta (vocals,keyboards), Carlo Cazzani (lead guitar, vocals), Marco Saracino (bass), Francesco Capacchione (drums, vocals). Five year later Futurephobia, they will return with a new album titled Pyrotechnic,  out later this month. We are glad to share the premiere of the new track “Promise” that shows their ability to build melodic textures. Listen and read our interview below.

“Pyrotechnic” is your new album. What about it compared to “Futurephobia”?

Pyrotechnic comes after a very long wait: it’s been five years since Futurephobia and the band’s way of approching songwriting has inevitably changed with the time. We played a lot in these years and of course composed new material. What you can listen to in Pyrotechnic is the result of both a selection and a refining process strongly influenced by our live experience. In each of the eight tracks we opted for a simple and direct structure, as we didn’t want to completely abandon the pop influences of our earlier works, but at the same time we tried not to be predictable, especially as regards the voice lines. Also, guitar riffs and melodies have become a lot more interesting (compared to Futurephobia), while the bass has found a new and entertaining feeling with the drums. What else to say? We hope you enjoy it!

What is the idea behind the new single “Promise”?

Since it’s conception, Promise was intented to open the album with a somewhat electronic feel, much quieter than the first single (Universal View). It sets off with only a simple synth and it warms up slowly with drums and guitars.

In an infinite night where there’s dance, drinks and doubts, in a distant and silent city that doesn’t care about anything, two people meet. The title refers indeed to a promise, but to be precise it’s the request for a girl to make this promise. The girl might be a lover, a friend, a sister, it doesn’t really matter. “Promise me, you’ll never fall for a golden cage, grey mornings, tidiness”: it’s the prayer not to give in to everyday life just because it’s confortable. Instead they want to find a place where even the biggest mistakes are forgiven and anyone can freely learn from them, a need both people share like a secret shouted out at the world. They know the world is deaf, so they might as well sing at its face while holding hands.

There will be live dates to introduce the new work? How is you idea of live show?

We’re looking forward to playing this new work in its entirety. Almost every single song of the album has already been played live, tested on stage in the last two years. Of course they’ve changed a lot through the time as we adjusted bits and pieces and now they’re like full grown songs which we don’t have to worry about anymore, just enjoy playing them. We put everything we have in our live shows, if by the end we’re not breathless we’re not satisfied. We don’t like to talk much on stage, just a few words to introduce a particular song or moment of the show. We prefer instead to involve the audience with our music.

What are the best releases that you have appreciated this year

This is the thoughest question, because we like so many artists and we listen to everything. We couldn’t pick a top five or something like that so we’ll just name a few things.

Of course we’re still getting over the shock of David Bowie’s departure and we must list his “Blackstar” here because, though not an easy album, we spent a lot of time listening to it. On a lighter note we recall Metronomy and Daughter among the most interesting releases according to us.

We’re still divided over the Strokes EP, but is fair to mention it as this band was one of our earliest influences.

Francesco, our singer, is madly in love with scottish indie band Frightened Rabbit and is listening to their last record since April.

Our drummer, Francesco Capacchione, was blown away by Frank Ocean’s double release just about two weeks ago and he also suggests for our list here the album Ology, by Gallant: as you can see not only rock and alternative music.

One thing we’re mostly hyped about is the new work by Kings of Leon, announced just a few days ago.