We already introduced Dutch musician and singer-songwriter iET that will release a new album titled Clarity, out on September 2nd. We shared the title-track that showed her hypnotic vocals and the minimal lines of the sound.

Her words about the album: For Clarity I wanted to go back to my roots. I really enjoyed spending time alone with my instruments, writing and recording. My first guitar and trumpet, a second hand piano from 1920, the double bass and lapsteel I inherited from my uncle when he passed away. Their natural sound and character are the fundamentals of the songs. With lots of space between elements, so all details would bring contrast. Somehow for this album I felt really connected to my past, my family and my surroundings, which gave a nice depth to the lyrics of the album. Clarity unfolded as a journey to finding freedom in acceptance, embracing the past and letting go.

We’re glad to share the premiere of the full streaming. Listen below.

On Clarity iET fashions her enchanting songs with a collection of vintage instruments, most of which have been in her or her families possession for most of her life. Her very first guitar, trumpet, a double bass inherited from her uncle and a recently acquired Schimmel: an upright piano dating back to 1930 are all employed to bring this unique album to life. Though iET never played the piano before she had an instant resonance with the instrument, resulting in many piano songs which are featured on Clarity. iET recorded all the songs in her own studio with a collection of vintage microphones, preamps and effects gathered by Budy, adding a wealth of warmth to her sound.