This is the volume of Bonus Compilation ; it includes Lies, Kid Flicks, Lilies on Mars, RIVA, Atariame, Corridoiokraut, Leland did it, Drama Emperor, Deckard, Queemose, Place for the soul, James Welburn & Nico Lippolis. Artwork by Giuseppe Manta, listen below.



  1. Lies – Calm Down. Lies are Oscar and Piero, both from Irpinia (South Italy); they developing a very deep and atmospheric sound, and produced this track for our special preview. Tune.
  2. Kid Flicks – Οι Μηχανές Μου. Hailing from Athens, his sunglass pop is inspired by tropical islands and coastal Africa, he just released a self-titled album back in May.
  3. Lilies on Mars – Stealing (Umbero Palazzo Remix). One of the most interesting italian acts,   London-based Sardinian duo take part (w/ Umberto Palazzo) of this preview with a dancey-version of “Stealing”, open-track of “AGO”, out via Lady Sometimes Records and Cargo records. Pump-up the volume, easy.
  4. RIVA – Seaplanes (Demo Version). From Florence one of the italian bands to talk about soon, they’re recording these days first album with Marco Olivi (Calibro 35, Selton, Ghemon, Ex-Otago).
  5. Atariame – Liquid. A new and intimate voice from San Pietroburgo, Russia, . On her Bandcamp page that are a collection of three songs called the “Weirdo Goes B-Sides”. Just do it.
  6. Corridoiokraut – Falcao. Another project that probably gives away new musical horizons. Glitch, field recordings, loop and a live-act full of psychedelic homemade-loops.
  7. Leland Did It – Boogie Boogie. Out last winter with “Tempo”, first official album via Piccola Bottega Popolare. Ageless love for electronic music, fascination for new sounds and “Cake”, a special table that marks their gigs. Stay tuned.
  8. Drama Emperor – The final Song. Drama Emperor is an italian band with three members; indietronica with kraut attitude and lyrics mostly written in english and german.
  9. The Whip Hand – Dreamless (Remixed by Deckard). Electronic musician, sound technician, producer, ghost producer for several established Djs, creator of the Cavo Festival. Alias Deckard.
  10. Queemose and Saint Cyprien Big Orchestra  – La Lune Rouge. His sound can be described as an eclectic cocktail of House music, electronic with contamination Soul and Techno. This song is a special gift for us, enjoy.
  11. Place for the Soul – Switch OFF. Personal musical-project for one of the drummer of italian hardcore-metal scene, proof music-saleperson, a big lover of jazz, funk, electronic an minimal music.
  12. James Welburn & Nico Lippolis – Blue Soap Cascade. A bass guitar in avant-rock bands in London since the early 90’s and an italian drummer based in Berlin for an impressive closing-song.