Don’t Leave Me” is the new single by Moby featuring The Void Pacific Choir and the American Association Mercy For Animals. The song is a strong denounce against animals’ exploitation, accompanied by a video including images recorded by volunteers in intensive farms.

Singing “Dont’Leave me alone, fight for me”, Moby & The Void Pacific Choir want to give voice to animals imprisoned and intended to become food.

Just some months ago, Moby himself talked about his vegan choice with these words: “28 years ago today in 1987 I became a #vegan . Simply because I couldn’t in good conscience be involved in anything that caused or contributed to animal suffering. I love animals and I don’t want them to suffer. It’s also worth remembering that animal agriculture contributes or causes 25% of climate change gases, 85% of rain forest deforestation, 40% of water use. And vegans have vastly reduced rates of cancer and heart disease and diabetes and erectile dysfunction… it’s also worth remembering that it takes 300 pounds of grain to make 1 pound of beef but 300 pounds of grain can be used to make 300 pounds of bread. So, I am vegan because I love animals, but I’m also vegan because I think that it represents the best chance for humans to stay alive and be healthy on our planet. Animal agriculture isn’t just destroying billions and billions of animals and causing unspeakable suffering for billions and billions of innocent creatures, it is also ruining our climate and destroying our rain forests and killing us.