My AweSOMe Preview is back. This year we have the pleasure to share 55 previews from september, october, november releases. Artwork by Gigi Scorcia. This is the Volume 5; it includes Kemper Norton, The Green Kingdom, Franck Vigroux, Ouvala, Dasein, Altars Altars, Hope You’re Fine Blondie, Francobollo, Shapes in Calgary, ManwolvesListen below.



1 .Kemper Norton – Sirens. Two years later Loor/Salvaged, Kemper Norton has announced the release of a new album. Toll is out today via Front & Follow.

2. The Green Kingdom – Haze Layers. The Green Kingdom is the moniker of Detroit-based producer and composer Mike Cottone. Two years later Expanses, he will return with a new album via Dronarivm. “Haze Layers” is the first excerpt.

3. Franck Vigroux – Sun. A few weeks later the collaboration with Reinhold Friedl for Tobel II, French composer and musician Franck Vigroux has announced the release of a new album. Rapport sur le Désordre will be out September 19th via DAC records. “Sun” is the first excerpt.
4. Ouvala – Decay Satan, Decay!. We don’t know anything about Ouvala. Psychogy of Colour is the new album that will be out via Home Normal. We already wrote about of the project with the track “Psychology of Colour”. We’re glad to share a new excerpt titled “Decay Satan, Decay!“.
5. Dasein – Pays Sans Visage (Cyberlife Resample). Produced by Paris-based group Dasein, Pays sans visage is an audiovisual work which takes us at the heart of a nuclear disaster. Its ambient/drone oriented soundtrack gets a reinterpretation by four producers bringing their own personal set of influences : Deikean‘s stripped-down techno, Cyberlife‘s deconstructed style, Yan Kaylen‘s dreamlike exploration, and Nulpar‘s ambiguous intricate rhythms. 

6. Altars Altars – Joann’s Lullaby.  One year later Kind Hums, Essen-based musician Altars Altars aka Moritz Leppers has announced the release of a new ep. Small Hours will be out September 2nd via Home Normal.

7. Hope You’re Fine Blondie – Quasi. Hope You’re Fine Blondie is the Treviso-based band that involves Paolo Forte (guitar, vocals), Luca Ramon (rums, vocals) and Nicola Gubernale (bass guitar). A new album will be out via Dischi Bervisti. It follows 2012’s self-titled debut album and 2014’s EP. “Quasi” is the first excerpt.

8. Francobollo – Kinky LolaFrancobollo is the Swedish London-based band that involves Sean Bean, Simon Nilsson, Petter Grevelius & Sven Bailey. “Kinky Lola” is their new track tha shows the well-refined rough lines of the sound with psychedelic connections. It is produced by Charlie Andrew (Alt-J, Marika Hackman). They have an EP to follow later this year and the debut album set to arrive in 2017.

9. Shapes in Calgary – Happy NowShapes In Calgary began as a collaboration between songwriter Alyssa Ciorciari and producer Gary Atturio in their tiny home recording studio. The duo’s goal was to make simple, small-sounding pop music using only a drum machine and a 1980’s synth, and the restrictive nature of the project forced both musicians to focus on their songwriting and arranging abilities. After completing their first batch of demos, Alyssa and Gary shared the fully formed songs with close friends and collaborators, drummer Tim McCoy (Darwin Deez, Field Mouse) and guitarist Billy Libby, who’ve since joined the band and fleshed out the recordings. The Shapes In Calgary EP will be released on September 3.

10. Manwolves – These DaysManwolves is an upcoming band from Chicago (Jamie McNear, Ari Garfin, Julian Freeman, Henry Wolf, Eli Cohen, Michael Werner) with a  sound that mixes hip-hop vibes, jazz and r’n’b lines, rock connections.