My AweSOMe Preview is back. This year we have the pleasure to share 55 previews from september, october, november releases. Artwork by Francesco Rodriguez. This is the Volume 2; it includes A Singer of Songs, Pascal Pinon, Massimo Discepoli & Daniel Barbiero, Kinbrae, WAS, Uni Ika Ai, Over Sands, The Circle,  Requiem for Paola P. Listen below.


1. A Singer of Songs – Disagreeing Mirrors. Two year later From Hello to Goodbye, Belgian Barcelona-based project A Singer of Songs (aka Lieven Scheerlinck) returns with a new album. Fading is the fifth studio album (out in September 2016 via Son Canciones).  We already shared “Tall Dreams”;  we are glad to share the premiere of  “Disagreeing Mirrors“.

2. Pascal Pinon – 53. Three years later second album Twosomeness, Icelandic duo Pascal Pinon (aka sisters Jófrídur and Ásthildur) returned with a new work. Sundur is out now via Morr Music.

3. Massimo Discepoli & Daniel Barbiero – The Occulted MeasureAn Eclipse Of Images is the result of the collaboration between artists Massimo Discepoli and Daniel Barbiero. It will be out on September 11th via Perugia-based label Acustronica. We already shared “Autopoiesis“; “The Occulted Measure” is the new excerpt. 

4. Kinbrae – Isolated Sketch. Kinbrae is the musical project of twin brothers Andrew & Michael Truscott, based in Edinburgh and Dundee. “Isolated Sketch” is the new excerpt from upcoming album Tidal Patterns, out via 1631 Recordings.

5. WAS – Take Cover. WAS is the project of Sardinian musician and singer-songwriter Andrea Cherchi that we introduced three years ago with the album New Place Soon Old. Sunday is the new album that will be out on Ocotober 11 via Tiny Speaker Records, DeAmbula Records and Costello’s Records.

6. Uni Ika Ai – Soft In IceUni Ika Ai is the Brooklyn-based project that involves Maia Friedman (voice, keys, guitar), Pete Lalish (guitar, keys), Tom Deis (bass, synth, voice) and Dan Drohan (drums). They are set to release their debut full length album in early September.

7. Over Sands – Heartbeat. Last year we introduced British duo Over Sands that involves brothers Tom and Ben Stephens. Roman Rooms is the new ep that will be out September 2nd. “Heartbeat” is the new excerpt that shows the soulful and delicate vocals, the haunting atmospheric lines and the refined well-built sound.

8. The Circle – Shadows. The Circle is the Turin-based project that involves Federico Norcia (vocals, guitar), Alessandro Strumia (guitar), Marco Marzolla (drums), Lorenzo Bevacqua (bass) and Giuseppe Gamarra (guitar). How to Control the Clouds is their second album that will be out this fall.

9. Requiem for Paola P. – Nulla va lasciato (tra i denti). Six year later Tutti Appesi, Bergamo-based band Requiem for Paola P. will return with a new album titled Sangue del tuo sangue that will be out on Spetember 16th via  Nulla Officine Discografiche / Imbecillity Kills.