Message to Bears is the stage name of British composer and multi-instrumentalist Jerome Alexander. Three years after Mapshe released a new album. Carved From Tides is out now. Watch the official video of “I’ll Lead You There“, directed by Seth Fuller.

Jerome’s intent of the song was to represent the transitional period in ones life. With that, my goal was to create a video that elicited the feelings and memory of a high school relationship that also visually paid homage to several ‘Terrance Malik motifs.’ With a nimble crew, we shot the video in under 24 hours in rural parts of New Mexico.” – Seth

I was familiar with Seth’s work via his music videos for Hammock, which combine breathtaking cinematography with subtle yet powerful storytelling. It’s these qualities that I look for in a music video and was very confident giving Seth free reign after responding to my somewhat vague brief. The results are just as lovely as I’d thought they’d be, I really hope people manage to lose themselves in this for at least a few moments.” – Jerome