In this long hot summer of 2016, marked by the bloody wake of terroristic attacks and the war in the Middle East, it is very difficult to stay clear headed and avoid to slide into despair. We need positive voices, someone helping us to see the beauty of life in the mud. Pope Francis is acting this role in some way, but if you search in rock music, very few are the points of reference.

Wire are among them, for the reliability of their post punk mood and for the positive attitude of their music. Far from the darkest part of post punk eighties’ generation, but grown up in that period, Wire are considered one of the most influent bands of that panorama, with a enviable longevity.

In 2016 Colin Newman and his friends are back with another brick of their career, Nocturnal Koreans. Presented as an EP, in the end this is a full album, with 8 songs and 26 minutes duration. And the best thing you can do is to abandon yourself to the positive emotions that its guitar oriented sound offers.

In fact Nocturnal Koreans is well balanced between airy episodes, such as the “Nocturnal Koreans” track, with guitars spread following Colin’s voice, and nervous songs such as “Numbered” and its slanting rhythms. Slow songs are present too (listen to “Forward Position” and its ethereal mood), and they give the final touch of wisdom to an album that will only leave you with positive sparks of life and emotions. Wire belong to life, we belong to Wire, that’s all.