Zen Mantra is the moniker of New Zealand musician Sam Perry that has released his self-titled album out now on Flying Nun Records. “Remember You At All” is the new single and you can watch the official video directed by Ben Dodd, Frances Carter, Sam Perry, & Lily McRae. About the video, Perry says:

“I kept thinking: ‘if Sergio Leone and Carpenter had come together to shoot some bratty indie rock bands video, that’s what I’d want it to look like, some young band cast in a low budget spaghetti western horror.’ I’d just watched The Fog for maybe the fourth time – perhaps that comes across. 

The whole shooting process was pretty silly. I believe that the long dance sequence during my obnoxious guitar solo was filmed during a competition between my friends and I to see who could best mirror Michael Stipe’s dance moves in R.E.M’s ‘Losing My Religion Video’. A lot of red wine was involved – we basically built the atmosphere we wanted in the room, turned on the camera, blasted the song (among others, including a lot of The Birthday Party) and saw what happened, but Banjo Patterson’s ghost was definitely there whispering in my ear.”