We wrote different times about British composer Wil Bolton. A few months later February Dawn (out via Eilean Records), he release a new Ep. Lichen is out now via Audio Gourmet Netlabel. Full Streaming is available via Peterborough-based label bandcamp website. Listen below.

Lichen is a warm and crackly short record that sees Wil depart from his usual use of field recordings and these are replaced with sampled classical and exotica vinyl which plays out as a fuzzy, romantic listen.
The vinyl loops were processed with granular and spectral laptop effects with additional effects-laden sounds of electric piano and Fender Bass VI. The overall sound sees Wil search for a slight departure in his approach to sound – with the work retaining Ambient feel but adopting the use of overdrive and distortion throughout adding a little light grit to the tracks. This was added with pedals, amp buzz, digital noise and vinyl crackle and threatens to disintegrate the acoustic and electronic tones on which they ride. These almost become a part of the wall of melody itself, as lichen would set into and become part of the branches of a tree.

All in all the three tracks of Lichen are relatively free from a clear and concise concept but Wil cites forests and tea as being loose influences; this is particularly poignant as you’ll be able to sit and drink a cup of your favourite loose leaf whilst listening to this EP in full, delving deeper into the forest that is Lichen.