Hilary Woods is a Dublin-based singer-songwriter and musician better known as bassist in irish band JJ72. At twenty two she hung up her bass for a paint brush, left the band and welcomed the arrival of a baby girl that same year. She enrolled in fine art college just as her friends were all graduating and dropped out midst her first group critique, opting to study English Lit and Film instead. Throughout college she became increasingly restless, suffered long bouts of insomnia and was slowly drawn back to what had stuck; basic piano chords her father had taught her as a child. She started piecing together ideas for piano thru headphones as her flatmates slept and after drifting in and out of various bands around the city, she made a decision to concentrate on her own material, tentatively crafting songs and exploring a sound world which culminated in the making of her debut solo EP “Night”. Heartbox is the new ep that is out now via Blood Orange. Listen to the stunning “Sabbath” that shows her hypnotic vocals and the dreamy and tense vibes of the piano textures.