KRISHNA is the ongoing collaboration between experimental techno producer Drvg Cvltvre and free jazz/metal outfit Dead Neanderthals. The result is Ascend to Nothing, the full-length that is out on July 22th via Silken Tofu. Full streaming is available below.

Dutch sax & drum duo Dead Neanderthals are known for their New Wave Of Dutch Heavy Jazz: an outrageous combination of jazz and metal, interlaced with noise, drone and minimal music. FUCK conventions and FUCK expectations.

Vincent Koreman a.k.a. Drvg Cvltvre has been working on his ‘doomed out psychic house’ for years now. His rich background in the DIY scene of punk, metal and experimental music shines through as he is influenced by Suicide, Sun Ra and Terrence Dixon.

So, when two acts with such an outspoken disregard for rules and borders join forces you know the result will be intense and not for the faint-hearted. ‘Ascend to Nothing’ picks you up and throws you into the vortex of the ever-growing cosmos. Let’s get lost in the void forever.