Antony Hegarty has become the witness of the decadence of our times. He has decided not to be gentle anymore with the horrible crimes of our “civil” society, and to say the word: Hopelessness. It is a general status, not only the feeling of an individual. Antony, transforming into someone different (her transgender identity) pictures a society transforming itself into a zombie of values, ethics, relationships.

That’s what Anohny’s new release talks about, and it is very difficult to listen to it without a sense of guilt. But on the other hand you can only survive your crimes giving them a name, and this has become Anohny’s mission.

Hopelessness is also a brilliant musical experiment: it has an electronic structure that gives all tracks the necessary cold attitude. Hudson Mohawke and Oneothrix Point Never are responsible of the noise, the glitch, the distorted sounds and voices. Anohny takes the responsibility to desperately sing tough lyrics.

“Drone Bomb Me” is the r’n’b invocation to one of the worst inventions of our times, “4 Degrees” is a severe accusation to human responsibility of climate changing, “Execution” is a synth pop massacre of one of the last american dreams; “Obama”, the masterpiece of the album, it will leave you breathless, with its annihilating monotone lament about the end of a common hope for change.

With no doubt Hopelessness gives us a new political point of reference for a disapproval of our society and the chance to listen to great electronic music. One of the best releases of 2016.