Nepenthe is a dark-folk/instrumental project from Tennessee. We don’t know more than this. Black of Winter should be the debut album that will be out Spetmeber 16th as self-production. “Nihilistic Reality” is the first excerpt that shows the evocative melancholic mood. Listen below.

Deep in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina, sets a large, baffling stone. It is a soapstone boulder, and it’s covered with a plethora of strange drawings that some archaeologists believe may be 2,000 to 3,000 years old. Even the Cherokee Indians consider the site ancient, pre-dating their presence in the area. The rock has been studied by researchers across the world, but no one has ever deciphered the bizarre petroglyphs on the stone or figured out who made them.

According to Cherokee legend, the markings on the rock were created by Tsul ‘Kalu, a slant-eyed giant who dominated the mountains in years long past. He was the “Great Lord of the hunt,” a powerful being who could leap from one mountain to another, and even control the weather. They believed the rock not only marked his territory, but even bore his 7-fingered handprint, since he once used the rock to steady himself from a fall.