One year later Lost Ambient, San Francisco-based musician Brock Van Wey aka Bvdub released new album. A Thousand Words is out now as self-released. Full streaming is available via his bandcamp website. Listen below.

His words about the work: “A Thousand Words is my longest, largest work to date, and what we can likely all agree this was all coming to – one, single 77-minute piece. Much more than one single narrative, however, it is comprised of 19 movements, and over 500 channels of audio… all performed in one take, live.

Combining a colossal library of pre-recorded and treated loops, samples, beds, and instrumentation, in concert with live arrangement, synthesis, loop creation, instrumentation, and even vocals, A Thousand Words is about as raw and unapologetic as anything I have ever made – as well as the most challenging, requiring more equipment, instruments, and dexterity than I have ever attempted before… as well three keyboards, six live instruments, and two samplers, all running through two computers and a phone, simultaneously”.