Klaas Hübner is a Berlin-based sound sculptor, improviser, and instrument-builder. SOG is the new album out via UK label Slip. Recorded live in Germany and New Orleans from 2013 to 2016. Eight track show the effort to explore a minimal sound with acoustic fragments with a sort of thin handling of it. Full Streaming is available below.

SOG’’s six works mold elemental acoustic forces through elegant constructions ranging from the domestic to the gargantuan. On ‘single tube’, a lone Hübner swings a whirly tube above his head; on ‘château poulet’ – a collaborative work with Andrew Schrock – the artist’s body becomes a 10 metre tower, whose belt and clutch system whirls jumbo tubes attached to the blades of multiple ceiling fans.

‘SOG’’s works play out time and time again in the interstitial zone between automation and spontaneity, machine and body. ‘schwarzwald’ submits ten tape loops of the artist’s voice to a mechanised dance which visually and sonically echoes an eerie forest; in ‘music for ceiling fan and tubes’, Hübner and regular collaborator Lysandre Coutu­-Sauvé sing seductively through whirlies as a ceiling fan chops above their heads.

Perhaps most astonishing is the psychedelic, otherworldly pleasures ‘SOG’’s cyclic architectures illicit. An instinct for hypnotic, primal rhythm powers Hübner’s work as much as lyricism. ‘sswsw’ and ‘extended pickup #1’ – a pair of poignant motorised elegies for metronomes and a funnelled airstream – recall melancholic cuts from Actress or De Leon as much as canonic works from Ligeti, Cage, or Chris Watson.