Two year later Rituals, Springfield-based composer David Shea returned with a new album of piano solo pieces. Piano I is out now via Room40. Fifteen-tracks work explores different shades of the piano paths from dissonance to minimal vibes until jazz background. Full streaming is available on the label bandcamp website. Listen below.

From David Shea

β€œThe Piano has been an instrument that has woven its way in and out of my life since I was a child. I grew up listening to great classical and jazz players, prepared piano and electronic experiments, extended techniques and later the incredible works of Boulez, Stockhausen, Cage, Ligeti, Ferrari, Feldman, Xenakis and Scelsi. I had written for and worked with many great pianists and created ensemble works with piano and electronics where I was given the freedom to write complex pieces for gifted musicians and technical masters. Although I would often compose on piano and use simpler piano works in my own solo concerts I had never dedicated myself to a path of the endless intense practice of a single instrument that these pianists had. I always wanted to stay on the level of composing for the whole of a work and not potentially get lost in the maze of technical issues that these musicians excelled at.And then one day Lawrence English suggested that I put out a CD of Piano works. […]”. Read the full story here.