Lowered is the project of British musician Chris Gowers (Karina ESP, Rome Pays Off, Signals). We shared his debut album Lost Seas that featured Katie English (Isnaj Dui, The Owl Service). Arche (For Gongs) is the new album out now on Trome Records. Mastered by Fraser McGowan. This is the first of a series of minimal drone studies of acoustic instruments. Minimal tone study featuring 32″ tam-tam, field recordings and singing bowls. All sounds recorded acoustically, no artificial effects have been added.

This is something different from debut album but it has the same level of experience. Chris Growes seems to push further his music, the kind of exploration that we like to call art. Starting from the artwork, we are immediately catapulted in an undefined place, something that we have to discover with all our senses.

A drone flow is the introduction, like a whispered noisy wind that drive us in the composition; the vibration grows and the sound changes direction in a minimal way but still with a strong level of undetermined feelings and introspection to found them. Deeper and deeper until to touch the noise of silence, with the refined “game” of fragile and natural layers overlapping.

The final part stabilazes the tension of the sound. And we go back to reality. Arche (For Gongs) is the proof of the talent of Lowered: he knows how to shape and examine his recordings to give a vivid experience to the listener; there isn’t only a technical ability but it is also a wonderful exploration of the appearence of the sound. A beauty piece of art.