Here we are again with our last post (promise) about this stunning Primavera Sound edition. We just wanted to share with you some of the less-known artists we heard in Barcelona. Some of there are very young but also very promising and we think they deserve a mention.

Baywaves. Directly from Madrid, let’s start with Spanish Tame Impala! Jokes apart, those four guys surely know how to charm you with their summery psychedelic-rock. Their inebriating sound it’s hard to forget.

Matilde Diavoli. Italian artists have often  been considered less international than others, but that’s false and there a are loads of them ready to prove it. Matilde Diavoli, with her enthralling electro-pop is surely one of the brightest examples of that.

Noga Erez. A producer, a songstress, a musician. Israeli Noga Erez is all those things and more. She plays the kind of music which make you stop in the middle of the street to stay listening (true story). Her fresh indie-pop and her strong charisma will surely enchant you.

Oh Pep! An Australian duo which play a sweet and well-refined indie-pop enriched with influences from other genres. Their single The Race is the kind of song you’ll be singing in your head over and over. Try it and let us know.

Julien Baker. Finally a less-known artist who is probably not so less-known but who without doubts deserved a mention. American songstress Julien Baker is able to create and manipulate feelings only through her voice and some guitar chords, and that’s certainly no mean feat.