Hey, guys! Here we are again, ready to tell you more about the best shows we attended to.

Beach House. A journey through a starry night and dreams. The Baltimora-based duo always sounds like a feelingfull caress.

Current 93. David Tibet never stops to touch and thrill you. He and all other musicians gave us another confirmation of their greatness and elegance. Intense and intimate. Auditori audience was enraptured.

Daughter. You need a lot of emotional commitment to move thousands of people in the same moment with your exhibition. Elena Tonra and her guys have it, and the feelings triggered by Youth prove that more than anything.

Deerhunter. A band constantly growing. Just three years ago they were at Parc de Forum on Ray-Ban stage stealing audience to Phoenix. This year they finally obtained one of the two main stages and rode it with consummate experience.

Explosions in the Sky. The concert every fan would has loved. With a first part containing the best new track from The Wilderness. And a second part full of their historic masterpieces from The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place. Nothing more to request.

Holly Herndon. Her performance was something special and different; dynamic, fun and enchant set and great visuals. Her music took your body and your brain. If you missed her, don’t lose the chance to see her live.

Jenny Hval. A performance more than a concert, a theatrical experience. The norwegian girl narrated us a tale about a woman and her difficulties about being so. The whole thing enriched by experimental sounds and a beautiful, versatile voice.

PJ Harvey. The queen of Primavera Sound. She proved again her great charm and talent. Powerful and hypnotic. The entrance was epic.

Radiohead. They are really war machines. A great performance, a lot of emotions and an unusaul but awesome setlist with a lot of their hits. All in one show.

Savages. A live which is also a punch in the face (in a good meaning). Jehnny Beth surely is a stage animal. If on studio-records those four London-based girls are good, on live version they’re pure dynamite.

Savages 05 Heineken_EricPamie

All photos by Eric Pamies, courtesy of Primavera Sound Festival.