Three years later wonderful Vicious, His Clancyness project return with a new 7” out now via Maple Death Records and includes two tracks: “Pale Fear” and “Coming Up Empty“. Recorded in Bristol at Portishead’s Invada Studios by Stu Matthews (Beak, Anika, Portishead). Listen below.

Pale Fear / Coming Up Empty is His Clancyness’ first release in three years and follows Vicious, their debut album on England’s seminal FatCat Records. The record saw the band blaze a relentless trail across Europe and the US, hitting well over 150 cities across multiple tours. Whilst the band began life as the solo project of singer/guitarist Jonathan Clancy, it has since found a new form. Inspired by the camaraderie of life on tour, the group has evolved into a tour-hardened collaborative minimal noise-pop machine that features Jacopo Beta’s propulsive rhythmic drumming, Giulia Mazza’s alien synthesizers and Nico Pasquini’s axe wielding low thump.

The last two years have seen the band retire to their Bologna basement headquarters, Strange City Studios. It was here that they conducted late night 4track experiments, curious sonic investigations, the odd party and emerged triumphantly with countless inspired compositions that included a couple of new songs that are to be on their first 7” release for Maple Death Records.