Ben Lukas Boysen is a Berlin-based composer, producer, sound designer and collagist. He recently signed with Erased Tapes Records that has released his newalbum Spells, out now. 8-track collection of songs is mixed and mastered by Nils Frahm. Full streaming is available via THEFADER.

Spells’ merges programmed piano pieces with live instruments, combining the controllable technical world and the often unpredictable aspects of live improvisation. In some ways it continues where his underground debut ‘Gravity’ left off, though a lot of weight is lifted, making room for a lighter and more energetic listen. Friend and fellow Erased Tapes artist Nils Frahm mixed and mastered both albums. Ben is not a master pianist like his dear friend, but his sound collages are so meticulously designed that after hearing the result an impressed Nils declared: “from now on, if anyone asks – this is a real piano”.