One year later The Forest Diaries, Swedish artist Dag Rosenqvist has announced new album. Elephant is out via Dronarivm. We already shared Come Silence”; Full streaming is available below via Russian label bandcamp website.

There are no answers. There are no road maps for mourning. Loosing someone is an individual experience for which there is no guidebook. Slowly you learn to live with it, and slowly time takes away the crippling panic and the feeling that things will never be ok again, but it never goes away. It’s there when you’re out grocery shopping and it’s there when you ride your bike to work. It is that part of you that’s missing, that will always be missing from now on. And you don’t talk about it because there’s nothing more to say. Your mourning year is over, you get on with your life and you learn to live with it. Whatever that means”. – Dag Rosenqvist, Gothenburg April 2016.