WALLACE is a Sidney-based singer-songwriter. We are glad to share the new stunning track “Is It You?“, produced by dutch duo Kraak & Smaak. The track unveils her delicate soulful vocals and  intense/emotional performance, a meticolus rhythms control with a minimal approach and jazz and r’n’b connections. An expressive interpretation of the Future Sound concept.

Her words about the track “I’ve always been a fan of words that are onomatopaeic and a couple of months back when a friend used the word ‘vapid’, it just stuck with me.

An image and story started to form in my mind of a girl who is insecure and builds a cookie cutter facade that hides whatever beauty and individuality is underneath. Someone who’s afraid to really be themselves, as though they are scared they’ll be perceived as unattractive or something. The thought that any girl might feel this way angers me.

Around the same time I was introduced to dutch producers Kraak & Smaak and we decided to write a song together. They sent me this killer mix, I wove my lyric into it and the result it ‘Is It You“. Listen below.