Young Moon is Trevor Montgomery, a tile setter by day and a meticulous musician by night, with a deep and baritonal voice. After his experiences in bands such as San Francisco post-rockers Tarentel and solo under the moniker Lazarus (Temporary Residence), in 2012 Montgomery released Navigated Like the Swan, his first album under the Young Moon moniker.

His new work is Colt, an album in which Montgomery introduces Syam Zapalowski’s drums, Danny Grody on guitars and synths and Jeff Moller on bass, explaining these changes with these words; “It was a natural progression for Young Moon. I needed to have more dynamics and volume to tell the stories the way they were laying out in my head”.

Many of the ideas about love and compassion that he absorbed through yoga and meditation show up throughout the album, which will be released on June 3rd.

In the players below you can listen to the first two singles extracted from Colt (“Fell on my face” and the title-track “Colt“), and his previous album Navigated like the swan.