Italian producer Buck (Out-Er, Frozen Border, Substrato) aka Alessandro Stefanio will release a new ep. Subterranean Explorations will be out June 20th via his own label Substrato. It follows 2015’s Nuove Ossesioni EP and includes a remix by Dutch duo Artefakt. Snippets are aavilable for streaming. Listen below.

The 2nd release on Allessandro Stefanio’s Substrato, true to the label’s concept, is another musical exploration of both atmospheric heights and geological solidity, with all the emotional resonance and physical impact that such an exploration implies. This new EP from Buck, like the Substrato debut Fluid Identity by Limo, is a skillful sonic meditation on the natural living environments that we often take for granted: its mix of intense tectonic beats and ambient winds takes us from the archaic mystery of the underground to the rapture of the open skies above.