Rodeo is the instrumental project that involves Danes Jacob Westergaard Madsen, Jesper Bugge Kold,RenĂ© Thorny and RenĂ© Gonzalez Schelbeck (Western Skies Motel). Dust Bowl is the new album that will be out May 24th via Already Dead Tapes. “Ghost Town” is the first excerpt that shows suggestive and tense electroacoustic textures with a minimal approach and psychedelic vibes. Listen below.

Dust Bowl evokes the imagery of a lonely landscape that has crumbled to dust, a place that is still haunted by memories and eroded dreams and where ghostly spirits roam the abandoned widths. A world of men lost to civilization, where ancient wisdom has been forgotten and the land has become the fenced in property of Man. Armed with a plethora of instruments from twangy guitars and unstable tape recorders to harmonium and hand percussion Rodeo plays a cinematic spacy kind of spaghetti western music fueled by hallucinogenic desert plants and forgotten brews. The influences range from the works of maestroes such as Morricone and Santaolalla over ambient tape manipulations to exotic psychedelia and surf. The members of Rodeo have been involved in a variety of Danish bands and projects from past to present including names such as Western Skies Motel, Naked, Twinkle, and Biff Baxter Band.