Danny Elfman is surely one of the most famous and praised soundtrack composer of our time. His fresh and easygoing style wisely mixes a musical theatre background with a more majestic taste, and that’s probably why he’s been chosen from Tim Burton as his music comrade. Last weekend the Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya (OBC) has played his most famous pieces directed by John Mauceri in the stunning frame of Barcelona’s Auditori. We have been there to tell you how’s like to be driven en vivo in Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas.

The first part of the concert contained excerpts both from Elfman’s (and Burton’s, of course) older glories, like Pee-Wee’s big adventure, Beetlejuice and Mars Attacks, as from more recent successes like Sleepy Hollow and Charlie and the chocolate factory. All the exhibitions were accompanied by enthralling visuals from the movies and the technical quality has been surely high and well-refined. As in an overwhelming crescendo the level of involvement has increased track by track, to reach the peak with the delicate and moving performance of Big Fish‘s soundtrack and with the majesticness of Batman/Batman returns.

Then, after a short pause, the show has started again with a second part full of highlights. The piano exhibition of Corpse Bride, played by Dolors Cano, has shown a personal, emotional interpretation which indeed deserved the applause it received. But Sandy Cameron‘s performance during Edward Scissorhands has been even more praiseworthy due to the precision, fluidity and verve of this extremely skilled young violinist. After that, the first notes of The Nightmare Before Christmas announced the most awaited arrival: Danny Elfman himself took the stage to sing the best known pieces of his own opera. Moving as an elf, the composer has witched the audience and has praised OCB’s ability. Finally, the concert has ended with Alice in Wonderland and the exquisite white voice of the young Bernat Rosés, plus a little and appreciated encore granted by Elfman. The sweet nightmare has been broken and people eventually woke up after being catapulted by music, for a couple of hours, in the gothic world of Tim Burton.