Sarah Klang is the a Swedish singer-songwriter.Debut single ”Sleep”, that is released on Birds Will Sing For You/CLSSN Musik. Production by Anna Hansen (Volcanic Fields). The track shows her suggestive vocals and a great performance ability that crosses a tense sound with ambient vibes and folk connections. Listen below.

Last summer Sarah Klang started finding her ways as an artist. She locked herself into an apartment together with her friend and pianist Jens Randrup and created the foundation of her artistic approach now visible to the world. Sarah’s musical vision is based on guitars, organs and her, immediately recognisablevocals, fromwhich Anna Hansén (Volcanic Fields etc) has created something extra.
Adding mellotrons, ambient sounds and drums along the way to the grandios soundscape we’re facing. All the time centered around the lyrics and the melancholy approach.

”My music is overall pretty much about being very very sad. But through expressing my sadness, grief and melancholy in my music Iactually feel much better. I’m not reaching for sadness, more the opposite”.