Moglii is the one-man-project of 23-year-old producer, singer and jazzpianist Simon Ebener-Holscher; NOVAA is a German singer, songwriter and producer. Down Under is their collaborative ep that will be out via French label Cosmonostro on 10 June 2016. “Her” is the new track available for streaming that shows NOVAA evocative vocals and jazz connections that cross the electronic textures. Listen below.

Novaa’s words about the track : “Her is about the demonic side of yourself that you cannot live without, rather than being inlove with a person. You hate and love this demon, and as such, you struggle“.

Moglii’s words about the track: “The production relies heavily on field recordings. All the fast “clacking“ and “noise” sounds are played with pencils on a table and on my window. The deep 808 kick – used as a bass at the same time – creates a warm and muffled sound, when the beat drops. I sang the vocal samples “uhh uhhhuh”, which I pitched and played in double-time. It’s a nice mix of Novaa and my signature sounds and style“.